Armoured fighters need armour!

Join Us!

These days a blacksmith is charged with making gates and fence-handles. A far cry from when your every day life hung in the balance - based on whether your village smith had worked your helm well enough to keep you alive!

With combat armour virtually redundant, the importance of the smithy and forge has steadily dwindled - and the vast knowledge of this fine art has become almost obsolete.

Couple this with the advance of technology and generic "one size fits all" mass produced low quality replicas - we ask you to heed the call and revitalize this proud and ancient art with the sweat of your brow, and the force of your hammer.

Want to bend steel to your will? Then grab a hammer and come with us!

You will learn:

  • The basics of armour construction
  • Advanced construction
  • Working with leather and other textiles
  • Smithing techniques to create custom fitted suit
  • Meeting safety requirements of the sport
  • Research pooling and seminars with those in the trade
  • Tips & Tricks

Materials can be provided at a cost and will be made available to you as required. Bulk orders are always easier, and you will need to let us know in advance if you need materials.

We also have trade accounts for Hammers and Dollys.

Alternatively you can BYO smithing materials. The accepted steels for Full Contact Armoured Fighting are:

  • Spring Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel (mainly helmets)
  • Titanium (please don't re-mortgage for this)

Our Mission