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Rules are made to be kept in this sport, and as such our Marshalls are trained to have their keen eye and wits about them at all times.

As the only non-fighters to be allowed into the List (combat area) you will find yourself in the thick of mayhem and chaos, yet still need to keep a level head.

The following attributes are required:

  • Attention to detail
  • Neutrality and fairness
  • Loud voice
  • Sound knowledge of the Rules of several Codes
  • Ability to act quickly
  • Study required for exams
  • Broad knowledge of legal armour and weapons
  • Fighter readiness checks

A strong sense of fairness coupled with a sound knowledge of the rules will be required.

In order to become a Marshal you will undergo an international test and will duly be rewarded an official recognition and certification from the parent code upon passing.

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