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Welcome to 2016! An exciting year is ahead as we roll out our kids syllabus and classes. This will be based on interest expressed. Parents don't freak out, our kids train with soft weapons and have strict rules around sparring. Please use the contact form for further information and see you all soon!

Oka Rino Combat School closes for the school holidays on 11/12/2015 and resumes on the 28th January 2016 - Have a safe and happy holiday season!


We are pleased to announce that Mikkel Stegler Jensen of the Danish National Team is going to join us for a training session on the 31st October at our Club. This is a great opportunity to learn from a seasoned veteran, who has kindly been brought to NZ by Mr Dave Briscoe of the Steel Thorns.

Any inquires please contact us here.

"What a great year so far, with many obstacles and pitfalls we have still managed to create a strong basis for moving forward. Keep an eye out for our next announcements in the coming months, as we take an innovative unique approach to Armoured Combat in NZ.

Our syllabus is almost complete and we have secured a training venue beyond our expectations. If you would like to open a branch of Oka Rino Combat School in your town, please use the form here.

I will be keeping this blog updated throughout, you can send any feedback via the contact page"

Fight well and I hope to see you soon!

Steve Heke


Oka Rino Combat School


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Pacific Cup

Greetings all, still recovering from the Pacific Cup in Upper Hutt in conjunction with the Harcourt Park International Invitational Jousting Tournament....(try saying that 5 times fast)

What a great weekend, the crowds were huge and the melee massive.
Oka Rino Combat School made two finals in Longsword and Polearm events, and while bested by worthy adversaries - everyone had great fights and gained valuable experience.

Big thanks to the organisers, fans, and mostly our support crew, we would be literally lost without you!

Footage is being edited as we speak, so check back here soon for it.

All the best and Fight Well!

Steve Heke

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